SCC Cosmetology Class Supports SUCCEED

As part of their studies, students in the Cosmetology evening program at Sandhills Community College made aromatherapy products and packaged them in attractive gift baskets. 

When it came time to decide to whom to give the baskets, the class decided upon the ladies of the SUCCEED class. Earlier in the semester they had given them make-overs and enjoyed the students appreciation of their work so it was an easy decision. They wanted them to feel even more special and they certainly did when given the gifts.

PHOTO: Left to right front row: Kedra McDonald, Alana Willis, Tigilah Henderson and Akina Jackson. Back row: Megan Bowersock, Cheryl Jones, Kanisha Morrison, Darlene Waddell, Abby Simmons, Krystal Pope and Chatanna Patterson.

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